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User Guide

StrangeMaze 3D is a 3D first person maze puzzle racing game designed for Java mobile phones. The aim of the game is to race against the computer-controlled opponents to the maze exit. If you win, you are then promoted onto the next level with a new randomly generated maze each time.

When StrangeMaze is first launched, an animated splash screen appears, press any key to move on to the main menu.

StrangeMaze is very simple to use.  To get started quickly, just use the game's menu options to start a 'New game' and all you need to play the game are the following keys:
    Function     Keys     Alternative keys (if available)
    forward and back     2 and 8     up/down game navigation keys
    left and right     4 and 6     left/right game navigation keys
    show map     5     select/fire game key

New games start at Level 1. The first few levels are simple mazes aimed at getting the player familiar with the game and controls before the more challenging mazes appear. At the start of each level, the player is positioned in the starting corner of the maze. The screen displays the player's view, with a 2D map superimposed on the view. As soon as the player presses a game key, the 2D map is hidden, the player starts moving and the race commences.

For each level the player must navigate through the maze to find the exit point at the opposite corner to where they started. The distant mountain range is a valuable aid to navigation, with reference points allowing the user to maintain bearings. In race mode, which is the default mode, there are two computer-controlled race opponents which you must beat to the exit in order to proceed to the next level. Your opponents do not know the way through the maze, they each use slightly different artificial intelligence to decide which way to go. This means that your opponents will most likely take different routes and not necessarily the quickest route to the exit, so don't follow them!

The game's menu options are:
1. New game
Starts a new game on level 1
2. Level
Menu structure that allows you to go to any of the 100 levels to view the maze. You can race directly from any level you have already progressed to. You can practice on all levels.
3. Settings
3.1 Cruise control The Cruise control option can also be switched on or off (default is on). When cruise control is on, the player doesn't have to keep the forward or back key pressed down to continue moving, just one touch is enough (like cruise controls in cars). Cruise control has 2 speeds which are activated by pressing the forward/back keys once or twice.
3.2 Game mode
Choose between:
Race - race computer-controlled opponents (default)
Practice - solve maze by yourself in your own time
3.3 Graphics
Lowest, low, medium, high, highest
The default display quality is purposefully set to an appropriate quality for your mobile phone. Increasing the display quality will slow down the game
4. Instructions
Displays brief user instructions
5. About
Displays brief information about the software
6. Unlock
This menu only appears in the try before you version and allows you to enter an unlock code to unlock the 2 level trial version into the full 100 level product.

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