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Try before you buy

We have a free 2 level try before you buy version which you can download now OTA (over the air) via your Java phone's WAP browser (if your WAP service provider supports Java downloads). 

The free trial version of StrangeMaze can be downloaded using your Java phone from our WAP site at:
(awjg is short for Abstract Worlds Java Games)

For OTA downloads you must visit our WAP site using your Java phone's WAP browser.  To do this, create an internet bookmark for www.awjg.com then select go.  Bookmarks can usually be found in the Services|Bookmarks menu on Nokia phones, the WebAccess|Web Shortcuts menu on Motorola phones, and the Surf&Fun|Internet|Bookmarks menu on Siemens phones. Alternatively, some phones allow you to enter and go to an address directly, however it's worth keeping the awjg bookmark for future use.

The www.awjg.com WAP page will automatically detect your Java phone and display an appropriate download link to download the game.  Select the download link and follow the downloading prompts on your phone to download the game.

If you have any problems with downloading the game then please check out our Download FAQ section.

If you like the game you can unlock it into the full 100 level version by purchasing an unlock registration code directly from us, either by phoning a premium rate number for UK gamers, or by making a secure online credit card payment from our e-commerce store for global gamers.  Please visit our Buy unlock code section for more information.

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