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We strongly recommend that you try before you buy this product.  This ensures that your mobile phone does support Java games, and that you can download the game onto your Java mobile phone before you part with any money.  At Abstract Worlds Ltd. customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we introduced the free try before you buy version of StrangeMaze.  This will avoid the situation where you have paid for a Java game and then find that you cannot download it onto your phone because either your phone doesn't support Java, your phone isn't configured for WAP access, or your WAP gateway provider doesn't support Java downloads.  If you haven't already got the StrangeMaze trial version on your mobile phone, then please visit our Try before you buy page now.

The free try before you buy version is the full version of StrangeMaze, but it only allows you to play 2 levels. To play the rest of the levels you will need to buy an unlock registration code. Entering your unlock code into the StrangeMaze unlock screen on your phone will unlock your two level trial version into the full 100 level product. No further downloads are necessary.

It is important to keep your unlock codes in a safe place for future use.  If you delete the game to make space for other games or upgrade your phone, you can re-download the trial version and re-enter your unlock codes.  The beauty of this method is that buying a phone game is like buying a PC/console game from a shop, you actually get to keep it forever, you can delete it to make more space for other games, then later on redownload it and re-enter the unlock code and you've still got the game you paid for.  If you lose or break your phone you've still got the game you paid for.  If you upgrade your phone you've still got the game you paid for.  Buying phone games from other companies or your network operator doesn't usually give you this amount of flexibility.

For our customers around the world, an unlock code can be purchased for 8 US dollars (7.25 Euros or 5 pounds sterling) by making a secure credit card payment at RegNow (a Digital River Inc. company), our preferred global e-commerce store and one of the most trusted names in e-commerce.  You will receive a 10 character unlock code electronically immediately after ordering.  After you enter this code into the StrangeMaze unlock screen you will then be prompted to enter the first 3 characters of the e-mail address you provided when making the credit card payment.

Alternatively, customers in the UK can get unlock codes by calling the StrangeMaze 3D Unlocking information service on 0906 403 2499. (Calls to this service cost 1.50 a minute, calls from mobiles and some networks may be higher. This call will last no longer than 3 minutes, and you should have permission from the bill payer of the phone you are using.)  At the end of the call you will hear a 10 character unlock code and a 3 character e-mail code.  Both codes are required to unlock the game.  Please have a pen and paper ready to write down these codes.

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