Music Apps

Some back-burner music app projects include looking into what's possible with Web Audio, Web Midi and Javascript, live mixing apps, live looping apps, vocal analysis/helper apps, hexaphonic guitar pickup apps, USB audio interface apps, audio 3D visualisation (already used in the VR Music Videos project), and midi helper apps.

2016: Guitar mounted USB Keypad Drumpad Midi Controller helper app. A poor man's Midi controller, utilizing cheap USB keypads, connected to a cheap Windows tablet, which translates keystrokes to MIDI messages sent out to an old school Casio GZ-50M MIDI sound module. Developed in VB6, but looking into porting to Javascript.

2018: Guitar mounted Midi Keyboard controller. More of a hardware project at that time with the Midi keyboard controller connected directly to a Midi sound card, but looking into the possibilities of connecting via a Midi helper app too to add extra functionality.