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Maze Racing Robots

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Coming soon in 2011, is a new game for a new app platform. Maze Racing Robots, developed by Abstract Worlds Ltd, is a downloadable game app for Samsung Internet@TV, the internet ready app platform included in many recent Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players.

Watch robots race against each other to solve the mazes, or race against a robot yourself. This game features replayability, randomly generated maze levels, both interactive and sit back and watch game modes, 3D graphics and animations, and robot artificial intelligence, all in an app just over 1MB in size!

When sitting back and watching the robots race, guess (individually or as a group) which robot will win. If you are studying form, the left robot tends to turn left, and the right robot tends to turn right, this can help you make a more informed decision based on the maze designs for the current race.

When racing against a robot, you control the robot on the left using the Up, Down, Left, Right and Enter (to stop) buttons on your remote control. The Return button brings back the menu.

But don't forget, there is plenty of fun to be had just sitting back and watching the robots race. After all, plenty of people watch horse racing, whereas not all of those people want to be jockeys!

Mazes are randomly generated to provide an almost limitless variety of mazes. Robot AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps the robots solve the mazes.

Features replayability, both "sit back and enjoy" and interactive game modes, 3D graphics and animations, randomly generated maze levels and robot artificial intelligence.

Maze Racing Robots Screenshots

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Maze Racing Robots Videos with commentary

Video 1: Introduction to Maze Racing Robots on YouTube
Video 2: A Closer View of Maze Racing Robots on YouTube (HD)

Maze Racing Robots News

26 May 2011: Maze Racing Robots App Game launched on Samsung US App Store

Maze Racing Robots is now available for purchase on the Samsung US App Store for $0.99.

26 Jan 2011: Maze Racing Robots App Game gets National Web Press coverage on The Register

Maze Racing Robots gets a mention in UK IT news website The Register's Samsung TV Apps Competition article.

24 Jan 2011: Maze Racing Robots App Game now public on Samsung Smart TV Challenge

Maze Racing Robots is now public on the Samsung Smart TV Challenge website. Please show your support for this challenge by visiting the site, and if you like Maze Racing Robots please vote for our game, the public voting period ends Friday Feb 04, 2011 (17:00 GMT).

The Samsung challenge, which was open to the whole of the EU, accepted in total 75 submissions split between 3 separate target market contests UK (19), Germany (30), and France (26). Out of the 19 submissions to the UK contest, only 7 were from UK-based developers, so here at Abstract Worlds Ltd., we are very proud to be one of the few companies representing the UK in this truly European challenge.

14 Jan 2011: Maze Racing Robots App Game submitted to Samsung

Maze Racing Robots was submitted to Samsung to start both the QA (Quality Assurance) submission process for Samsung Apps, and also as part of our entry to the Samsung Smart TV Challenge, a European developer competition to develop apps for the Samsung Internet@TV platform.

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