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We develop the tools we subsequently use for building 3D products.  We currently have 2 on-going research & development strands:
  • High-end 3D engines
    Hardware accelerated 3D engines for the PC Windows platform using C, C++, VB, DirectX and Direct3D.  By using software and 3D accelerated realtime 3D rendering, and utilising different versions of DirectX, our high-end 3D engine runs on Windows NT4(SP3), 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP, and works with all the major 3D cards.

  • Low-end 3D engines
    Software based 3D engines that can be ported to multiple platforms (i.e. Java applications for mobile phones using J2ME and MIDP, plugins for web browsers running on Windows, Macintosh and Linux, native Windows applications, etc.).
Although our 3D engines are not products in their own right, we feel that this technology is a unique selling point and one of the secret ingredients that makes our final products stand out in a crowd. Our first PC game, Close Approach, a 3D accelerated first person asteroids shooter, uses our high-end 3D engine.  Our first Java mobile phone game, StrangeMaze, a 3D maze racing game, uses our low-end 3D engine.
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