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In today's consumer marketplace, 3D technology is mainly associated with games.  Since 2001, Abstract Worlds has also been applying 3D user interfaces to business applications. 
We are working with other companies which use our 3D engines in business oriented virtual reality applications.  For example, in 2001 Abstract Worlds signed a licensing deal for its high-end 3D engine technology with Eurosoft Systems (ESL).  With this deal, ESL have used our high-end 3D engine to drive the web-based virtual reality viewer component of ESL's theatre booking system VRTicket.  The virtual reality view gives customers an idea of the different views of the stage available from different seats in the theatre.  The same 3D high-end engine we used in our game Close Approach has now been applied to a more business oriented application.
In 2004 we worked with Afterworld Limited to utilise our 3D engines as visualisation and interface components within Afterworld's RFPerceptor product - a software platform and a range of software tools for use in development of wireless or RFID, telemetry and automation applications.
We have also worked with and shared research and development with clients in the fields of architectural and building visualisation.
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