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Java mobile games
A new breed of mobile phone with J2ME Java capabilities has now arrived.  Supported by all the major manufacturers - including Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, Sharp, Samsung - Java mobile phones allow users to change their phone's games and applications as easily as they can change ring tones and logos. Users will no longer be stuck with the games that are preloaded on their phones.  Unlike WAP games which require a connection to play, standalone Java games can be played without a connection and therefore do not incur any extra airtime costs.  Abstract Worlds started work in 2001 developing a 3D engine which could power a new breed of 3D Java phone game.  We are now delivering compelling high quality 3D Java games for users to download and play on their Java mobile phones.
StrangeMaze 3D

StrangeMaze 3D, a new game for a new breed of mobile phone.  StrangeMaze is a 3D first person maze puzzle racing game designed for all Java mobile phones.  To find out more about this game and to download the free trial version please visit the StrangeMaze website.  StrangeMaze was officially launched in February 2003.
Coming soon...
Since the Feb 2003 launch of StrangeMaze 3D, we have ensured that the game works on all new Java phones entering the marketplace, and have made the game available in different languages. We have quietly and steadily been improving our 3D engine, reading the marketplace, and getting the 3D engine ready for our upcoming titles. Our 3D engine and upcoming titles will sport photo-realistic backgrounds, more colours, improved textures and better animated game objects. We can assure you that our upcoming titles will look and play very differently to any other Java game you have played on a mobile phone, because no other Java phone game developer is using the same set of technologies as us to develop games.
J2ME Java mobile phones list
The following list gives an indication of the Java mobiles phones that are either already available or are due to ship soon.  Java mobile phones are usually labelled as Java enabled, Java powered, J2ME enabled, and some may advertise that they support MIDP Midlets - in most cases the different terms mean the same thing, that you can download Java games and applications to your mobile phone, usually OTA (over the air) via your phone's WAP browser.
Nokia 3410, 6310i, 3510i, 5100, 6100, 6610, 7210, 7250, 7650, 3650, 8910i, 3530
Motorola v60i, v66i, T720, T720i, T280i
Siemens SL42i, SL45i, M50/MT50, C55, S55
Sony-Ericcson P800, Z700
Sharp GX-10, GX-12
Samsung S100
Motorola iDEN i95cl, i90c, i85s, i88s
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