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1. Send in the un-manned space probes first, don't risk your own life.

2. Your weapon harnesses the energy inside the containment field. You can only use your weapon when you are completely inside the energy containment field, the sight will appear when the weapon is available.

3. Remember you are piloting a gravity propelled saucer-shaped spacecraft not a winged aircraft or a rocket - it is just as easy to move sideways, up and down and backwards as it is to move forwards. Moving sideways and backwards is extremely useful, especially in combat situations.

4. If you are lost or out of control, resetting the orientation of the ship will stop the ship and point you towards the energy containment field.

5. When inside the energy containment field, you can get a better view of where the asteroids are by briefly switching the view to a ship outside the field.

6. Move back in order to retreat from tricky situations or to get a better view.

7. Keep on the look out for enemy ships, don't let them creep up on you. You can see the enemy ships approaching from a distance before they begin to pose a threat.

8. When enemy ships arrive move your ships outside the containment field. The best time to launch your counter-attack is just after the enemy ship has fired, when this happens move into the containment field and destroy the enemy.

9. Depending on the composition of asteroids, some will bounce off other asteroids, others will break up when they hit other asteroids. Some large asteroids may not break up from weapon fire alone, you may have to fire shots at an asteroid in order to steer it into the path of another asteroid - the resulting collision will break them up.

10. Customise the way you control the game by using the Controls page.

11. Try using the mouse instead of the keyboard for greater freedom of movement.

12. When using the mouse only very small movements are needed to get the ship rotating or moving, use the Controls page to decrease the sensitivity of the mouse if you are turning too quickly.

13. When you are comfortable using the mouse, use the Controls page to increase the sensitivity of the mouse so that you can turn quicker.

14. If you have a 3 button mouse then configure the controls to use all 3 buttons, so the mouse hand controls the ship's orientation (mouse move), movement forward (right button), movement back (left button), and weapon fire (left button).
This leaves the other hand to control sideways movement Q and W, which is extremely useful when dealing with the enemy ships and keeping asteroids in your view. Sideways movement can be used in conjunction with the mouse move ship orientation to partly circle around an enemy ship or asteroid whilst always facing it ready to shoot. This makes it easier for you to hit the enemy ships and difficult for them to hit you.

15. Be sure to hit the asteroids central, for maximum damage.

16. A combination of moving sideways to the left and rotating slightly to right will allow to you move in a horizontal circle whilst looking at a central point. This can also be performed in the opposite direction.
A combination of moving directly up and rotating the ship slightly down will allow you to move in a vertical circle whilst looking at a central point. This can also be performed in the opposite direction.

17. In windowed mode, the window can be resized, a smaller window runs quicker, a larger window runs slower but provides a better view.

18. When using the mouse in windowed mode, move the mouse cursor to the centre of the window as the game starts, this will allow you to move the ship without moving the mouse cursor outside the window.

19. Not all 3D cards support windowed mode (e.g. VOODOO and VOODOO II). For 2D/3D cards you may also have to reduced the number of colors used if your screen settings are configured to use the maximum number of colors supported by the card. If your screen is configured for 256 colors you will have to increase this setting in order to run in windowed mode.

20. To increase the performance of slower PCs, use the Options page to lower the quality of graphics and turn off the music and sounds.

21. To increase the performance of your PC generally when playing games, disable any background processes that might access your hard disk (e.g. virus detection software) and background scheduled tasks (such as Disk Defragmenter). Background processes can usually be disabled by clicking on the icons at the bottom right of your Windows Taskbar.

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