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The science of gravity propulsion and 'flying saucers'...

Dark matter

In the late 20th century, scientists realised they did not know what made up 99% of the universe, they could not see it and they certainly did not understand it.

In 1965, cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang was discovered. It was everywhere and possibly contained even smaller particles that had not been discovered at the time. In the 1970s, gravitational mass calculations for galaxies were far bigger than the mass of stars observed in those galaxies. This discrepancy led to the dark matter theory, which suggested that atoms and the sub-atomic particles that had been discovered were only a small percentage of all the matter that is around us.

For one particular type of dark matter particle, the neutrino, estimates arose that there were about 10^23 neutrinos coming in from space each second for each square centimeter of the area of the atmosphere of the Earth. Because these particles are not like ordinary particles, most of them pass through us and the Earth without detection. However a very small percentage of particles do collide with normal matter, resulting in a pushing force.

Push gravity

If a person were in deep space, dark matter particles would come in from all directions in equal amounts, resulting in no overall pushing force. That same person on Earth does not receive equal numbers of dark matter particles in all directions since the Earth itself absorbs some of the particles coming in from outer space from the other side of the Earth. This results in an overall pushing force that pushes the person towards the Earth, what we now accurately understand as the force of Gravity.

The scientific proof was irrefutable. Both Newton and Einstein's view of the universe were finally laid to rest. Gravity was not an attractive, pulling force. Gravity is the resultant push force on a body caused by dark matter particles travelling in all directions, where less particles hit that body from a particular direction because some have been absorbed by another body.

Gravity shielding

The duality of matter, where particles can also display wave properties, is also true for the dark matter particles responsible for gravity - gravitons. Graviton waves, like other waves have a resonant frequency. Experiments in the late 20th century with superconducting discs demonstrated that under certain conditions, electromagnetic fields could be generated that dampened gravity fields by oscillating at gravity's resonant frequency. Small reductions in gravitation force were detected and gravity shielding had been demonstrated.

Gravity propulsion

The natural progression from gravity shielding was gravity propulsion, or anti-gravity. If an object that is receiving gravity from all directions can reduce the gravitons coming from a particular direction, then the object will receive a resultant force that pushes it in the direction of the shielding. Artificial gravity shielding has the same effect on an object as the Earth's natural gravity shielding. Just as the object is pushed or 'falls' towards the Earth, so will an object be pushed towards or 'fall into' an area where gravity has been shielded artificially.

Saucer shaped craft, containing large superconducting discs, were initially tested by military and government organisations. These tests started off in top secret locations, and test flights were often misconstrued as UFO sightings. These craft were able to perform dazzling manoeuvres, silent operation, instant acceleration and deceleration in any direction, hovering, and extremely high speeds. Pilots didn't feel the G-force as they did in conventional aircraft, just a falling sensation one way and then another way. The fuel never ran out because only relatively small amounts of electricity were required for the superconductive discs, and this could be regenerated onboard. The high speeds required for deep space travel were feasible, the greater the gravity shielding in one direction, the faster you fell in that direction. Efficient gravity shielding has the same acceleration effect of falling towards large stars, even black holes. Deep space travel was also feasible because of the vast weight of spacecraft that was now possible, providing all the lead plate protection required to protect man from cosmic radiation, and a large enough craft to live comfortably in for long journeys with weightlessness a thing of the past after the introduction of gravity shielded floors. Man had at last discovered the means to take him to other parts of the solar system and beyond.

Gravity - a free limitless energy source

Back home, things were lookup up too. Gravity propulsion was replacing other forms of air, land and sea transport, and gravity power stations were replacing nuclear and fossil fuel stations. Gravity power stations use large weighted wheels rather than turbines to generate electricity. A vertical wheel containing weights on its circumference that is gravity shielded from above on the left and from below on the right, will rotate forever generating far greater amounts of electricity than is required for the 2 superconducting discs. This gain in energy comes from the gravitons, of which there is a limitless supply, and the whole process does not generate any pollution. Gravity had solved mankind's energy and pollution problems.

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