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Mission :
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The situation

The year is 2100. Mankind has never felt more threatened. Doomsday cults now have the power to make their wish come true - to bring about the end of the world. With space travel becoming available to the masses, religious extremists are plotting to divert asteroids into the path of the Earth.

The Close Approach Task Force

Close Approach tables have for a long time monitored the threat of asteroids coming within close proximity to the Earth by natural means, but now the Close Approach Task Force has been formed to deal head on with this growing threat.

As a new member of this task force, your missions will be plain and simple - destroy all asteroids you are assigned to. Some asteroids will be a long way from Earth; they are nevertheless a potential threat. Hopefully, our intelligence can anticipate the movements of the Doomsday cults, but if they manage to surprise us, perhaps by sending in asteroids from the direction of the sun where they are most difficult to detect, then you may have to deal with extinction threatening asteroids a lot closer to home.

By the time you reach your asteroids, sweeper ships will have already set up energy containment fields, or 'nets', around the asteroids. Since your weapons harness the power of the energy containment fields, you must enter the field before you can start blasting away the asteroids.

Of course there is an element of danger, that's why you have 2 un-manned space probes to control. But remember time is critical. If you lose your probes you will have to finish the job with your own ship. Replacement probes are available between missions, rookies don't qualify so you will need to prove your worth first by earning 5000 points on the performance scale.

Expect enemy fire from ships and hidden installations on large asteroids. We have also heard reports of some asteroids being fitted with guidance systems designed to steer the asteroids into collision courses with our ships. The doomsday cults have recently been getting smart to our plans.

Now, let's kick some asteroid!

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