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Known issues with Close Approach v2

This section lists known issues with running the game on certain configurations. Although problems are few, most issues have been linked to 3D graphics card drivers.
If you encounter any odd visual problems with the game, the best thing to do is check you have the latest drivers for you 3D card.  Manufacturers release updated drivers for their 3D cards on a regular basis, fixing problems they encounter as they go along.  In most cases, getting the latest driver can solve the problem.

Asteroid explosions are not translucent on some GeForce2 GTS cards

Problem: The energy explosions that occur when asteroids break up should be translucent when 3D cards are used, i.e. you can see through the explosions to the asteroids behind them. On some Creative Labs GeForce2 GTS cards that are using NVidia Reference drivers v4.12.01.0717 with Windows 98 and DirectX 8 the explosions are opaque.

Symptoms: Opaque asteroid explosions.

Solution: Update your graphics drivers.


Known issues with Close Approach v1

Head Up Display (HUD) missing

Version: Close Approach v1.0 and v1.1

Problem: Some of the latest 3D cards such as nVidia's GeForce 2 GTS have removed support for some of the older DirectX features that Close Approach v1 used.

Symptoms: The HUD does not display and on-screen messages are difficult to read.

Solution: This problem has been fixed in CloseApproach v2.

Matrox m3D (PowerVR) transparent texture problems

Version: Close Approach v1.0 and v1.1

Problem: The drivers that ship with the Matrox m3D card (v4.03) have problems displaying transparent textures. This problem may also affect other cards based on the PowerVR chip.

Symptoms: Black squares are noticeable during asteroid explosions.

Solution: Visit the card manufacturer's support web-site to upgrade to a newer version of the drivers, the problem is fixed in the v4.1 drivers.

Voodoo II and DirectX 6

Version: Close Approach v1.0

Problem: When Close Approach v1.0 was released in November 1998 it was successfully tested on Voodoo II cards with the drivers that were current at that time. Unfortunately new drivers have been released since November 1998 and the game will now not run correctly if the latest Voodoo II drivers (v4.10.01.0205 or v4.10.01.0271-2.18) are used in conjunction with DirectX 6.

Symptoms: The containment field grid will display an additional diagonal line on each square of the grid, and these lines will move spuriously if a square face is partially in view on the screen.

Solution: This problem is fixed in Close Approach v1.1 by selecting different special effects for the containment field in the Close Approach System Options screen. For Close Approach v1.0 the only solution at present is to re-install the earlier drivers that shipped with your 3D card, or run the game with an alternative 3D driver (e.g. the software driver) by changing the System Options in the game.

3Dfx are aware of this problem, here is their statement from the readme file that ships with their Voodoo II (v4.10.01.0271-2.18) reference driver:

"Problem: Some games are exhibiting flashing primitives during rendering of frames. This shows up most noticeably on 'Take No Prisoners' as well as 'Armour Command'. The problem is fundamental to the rendering functions it could possibly affect a lot more games. The same problems are appearing on the other manufacturer cards as well."

"In General: Microsoft is aware of issues with the current version of DX6. Until Microsoft releases a stabilized version of the DX6 driver all graphics cards will exhibit these problems to certain degrees."

Mouse and keyboard not responding

Version: Close Approach v1.0

Problem: On certain configurations, failure to initialise the mouse for DirectInput will also cause the keyboard to not respond.

Symptoms: Both the keyboard and mouse will not respond once the game has started. Only the Esc key will work. If the mouse is chosen for controlling the ship, then a few seconds after the game starts the containment field disappears off to the top right of the screen.

Solution: If the game used to work OK, then your configuration has changed possibly due to installing other software or drivers. Possible solutions are to uninstall the problem software, or reinstall DirectX or your mouse drivers.

If you are trying to run Close Approach for the first time then check you have the latest drivers for your mouse and perhaps install/reinstall the latest version of DirectX. Some custom mouse drivers may not work correctly with DirectX in which case use Device Manager to use the standard Microsoft Mouse driver.

If you are still having problems then a workaround is included in Close Approach v1.1. This workaround will not solve your mouse problem but it should allow you to control the game with just the keyboard after selecting the Keyboard configuration in the Close Approach System Controls screen.

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