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A brief history of the 21st century...

Discovery Speech

On 1st January 2010, a speech was broadcast by all the major world leaders. It described something wonderful. Governments around the world had been secretly researching new theories and technologies. A brand new discovery had been made that changed our world forever... a safe, free, limitless energy source, and a new gravity propulsion engine that could take us to the stars. The age of gravity propulsion and saucer shaped spacecraft had begun. (For more information on gravity propulsion see the Science page).

Exploration and colonisation of the Solar System

With manned deep space missions made feasible, safe, even enjoyable, the Solar System became a much smaller place. Stations, colonies, even holiday resorts were constructed at strategic positions. Staging posts were also constructed for last stop points of call for travel beyond our solar system. The emptiness that once was space was getting busy.

The asteroid threat and Close Approach tables

Since the 20th century, astronomers and space agencies have closely monitored the threat of asteroids that could potentially collide with the Earth. Close Approach tables detail the paths, sizes, and probabilities of asteroids whose orbits take the form of ellipses from the asteroid belt and overlap the Earth's orbit. When man's only location was the Earth, the tables were relatively simple. Now that man is strewn across the Solar System, the probabilities of collision are higher and more difficult to calculate.

The rise of space bound doomsday cults

Religious extremists were quick to catch on to the asteroid threat. Believing that the world would end in 2100, and instigating positive actions to ensure that doomsday occurs, religious cults have been plotting to knock asteroids off course and into the path of the Earth.

The formation of the Close Approach Task Force

With the all too real threat of asteroid collisions and global extinction looming, the governments decided to form the Close Approach Task Force. Their mission is to protect the Earth in the event of a sudden asteroid change of direction, and to proactively seek potentially threatening asteroids and destroy them.

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