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3D accelerated first person asteroids shooter


Let's Kick Asteroid

First there was Deep Impact.
Then along came Armageddon.
Now Close Approach delivers the biggest
kick asteroid experience of them all!

Close Approach v2.03 demo is now available.
Download the free playable demo today.
Buy the the full version.

Newsflash  9 Feb 2018
20th anniversary video walkthrough of Close Approach released

Newsflash  5 Dec 2003
The full version of Close Approach v2.03 is now available to buy.

Close Approach is a true 3D, first person shooter, space combat action game where you must destroy the asteroids before they reach the Earth.
As the year 2100 approaches, mankind has never felt more threatened. Doomsday cults now have the power to make their wish come true - to bring about the end of the world. With space travel available to the masses, religious extremists are plotting to divert asteroids into the path of the Earth.
Close Approach is named after the Close Approach tables kept by NASA on asteroids whose orbits bring them in close proximity with the Earth. The aim is to pilot your ship and two probes in true 3D space and blast the asteroids out of existence before they collide with the Earth. During development, research was undertaken into gravity propulsion, saucer shaped spacecraft and asteroids.
The game is available for Pentium class PC's running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 (SP3), 2000, XP, but not Vista yet (a Windows Vista compatible version will be released towards the end of 2007). Although not required, a 3D card will greatly enhance the game and all major 3D cards have been tested.
Close Approach is the first 3D accelerated space shoot 'em up action game for the PC developed in Microsoft's Visual Basic. Despite past misconceptions about VB's performance as a gaming language, Close Approach proves that it is possible to produce an enjoyable, fast paced action game in VB, Direct3D, and DirectX.

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