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Welcome to the home page of Abstract Worlds Ltd, an independent interactive media company based in the UK.
Our new free 2018 year planner is now available to download and print!
Since 1998 we have been specialising in the design and development of interactive media software, products, services, and websites in the following areas:
  • 3D PC games products (1998-2006)
    We develop 3D games for the Windows PC using our high-end 3D engine for DirectX and Direct3D.  By using software and 3D accelerated realtime rendering, and utilising different versions of DirectX, our games run on Windows NT4(SP3), 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP, with DirectX 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and above, and work with all the major 3D cards.  Our first PC game, Close Approach, was officially launched in November 1998.

  • 3D Java mobile games products (2001-2006)
    We develop 3D J2ME midlet games for Java mobile phones using our low-end 3D engine for the J2ME MIDP Java platform.  Our first Java mobile phone game, StrangeMaze 3D, was officially launched in February 2003.

  • 3D Business applications products (2000-2002)
    We develop business oriented 3D technology and applications for the PC Windows platform and the internet.  The first business oriented application to use our 3D technology, VRTicket, was launched in May 2001.

  • Website design services (1998-2009)
    We utilise our unique mix of in-house marketing knowledge, web skills, graphic design skills and development skills to deliver creative websites and graphic design for other companies. Our 3D and gaming experience puts us in an enviable position as a company equally strong in technical development and artistic creativity.

  • Game and other multimedia apps (2011-present)
    Utlising HTML, CSS, and Javascript and our own home-grown gaming engine, we developed a top down 3D Maze Race Robots game for the Samsung TV App platform, which was officially launched in February 2011 and is still available. Since 2017 we have also been working on some music apps for Android and Apple phones.

Latest news
09 Feb 2018
Close Approach 20th anniversary game walkthrough video released
14 Jan 2011
Abstract Worlds revisits game market with Maze Racing Robots
1 Mar 2005
StrangeMaze 3D goes live in India and China
5 Dec 2003
Close Approach 3D asteroids shooter PC release
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